Here you find our accreditation form for press and media representatives:

You can use this form to apply for accreditation for our Grabfeldrallye.

In order to avoid any inconvenience for you and us, we would like to explicitly point out the following:

  1. Your declaration of release from liability does not apply to your life and limb. Even with a declaration of release from liability, you must keep clear of the restricted areas of our rally and always follow the instructions of our stewards. As our press waistcoats are numbered, we can easily identify you and will not hesitate to withdraw your accreditation during the event if you do not follow our instructions or the instructions of our marshals.

  2. Part of the accreditation is also a user agreement. Press and media representatives will only be accredited by us if they have submitted this user agreement to us. The purpose of this user agreement is that we, as the organisers, receive your picture, video and sound recordings made during the Grabfeldrallye in order to be able to use them free of charge, e.g. for our event archive, for the production of our flyers, posters and programme booklets and for the publication of a greatly downscaled version within the Grabfeldrallye website. Of course, we will give the name of the respective copyright holder for each publication. The files will not be passed on to third parties (notably not to participants of the event). Especially in the case of pictures, the photographers must provide us with unedited originals, in particular without cropping, watermarks, logos or similar, so that we can use them to the extent intended.

  3. As it happens again and again that despite the usage agreement no or insufficient photos are made available to us by accredited persons, we would like to point out that we reserve the right to no longer accredit persons for our Grabfeldrallye who do not comply with the usage agreement.

  4. For organisational reasons, applications for accreditation can only be submitted until 25 June 2023 (date of receipt by the organiser). Applications received after this date cannot be processed. We ask for your understanding.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to a pleasant cooperation.